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and we will run as far as we can from this empty winter road,
where window stares watch light stretch
across the morning that we're owed.
our minds remember best the things we can't let go.
time is passing so much faster and now the sky is all we know.

and our eyes have been sharpened
with the regret that's caught in our throats.

when the world ends, when this life's unwound,
will we smile so sweetly as the wolves hunt them down?
and beneath the moon, they will pray to not be found...
will we smile so sweetly as the wolves hunt them down?

but it's their fault, you know, they were so selfish, so naive...
and they forgot all we had done and who we were so easily.
the air, it thickens now, under the weight of all their thoughts.
we used to want the future, but the future came...
and look what it has brought.


down, down...
hunt them down.

the worst is over.
the worst is over.


the wolves hunt.
[hunt them down.]


from The Worst Is Over, released June 18, 2010
Recorded by Fred Sladkey at Mudskipper Studios. Mixed by Chris Thomas.



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The Wrecking Coast Boston

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