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there's no pill that i can take to make you go away
my self-afflicting new addiction breaks me everyday
beyond the city lights, i watch the starless sky
and try to figure out why you're still on my mind

you keep your silence, but i know quite well what dreams can do
and i'll admit that i still wish that mine were made of you
i wanted so much more than long goodbyes and sympathy
but then you killed those pretty words with brutal honesty

i can't believe that we have come to see this broken end
and how could you just watch me fall when it was all pretend?
now you can write me off and say there was no chemistry
but that's a blatant lie and i know you're not done with me


you could have saved me from myself if you had only stayed
but now i fight the endless night inside the bed you made
i would have sung you all my songs, if you had only asked
but how was i to know that you were never coming back

there's no pill that i can take to make you go away



from The Worst Is Over, released June 18, 2010
Recorded by Fred Sladkey of Mudskipper Studios. Mixed by Chris Thomas.



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The Wrecking Coast Boston

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